The Head Butt Hotel, is a 501c3 Non Profit No- Kill organization, where every animal is treated as if they were our only pet. We are proud to be South Carolina's premier Protect the Pets rescue organization, mandating responsible vaccination protocols. Our only priority is to ensure the optimal health and wellness of our residents, to guarantee they live out their best lives ever, and to educate others to do the same!
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Vaccination Protocol

Vaccinations and proper breed specific nutrition are the two most important factors affecting the health of all pets. We have been sadly, been faced with countless losses of pets having suffered the effects that irresponsibly and blindly administered vaccinations have taken on their health, resulting in their untimely deaths.

We are one of the few Protect the Pets rescue organizations and we mandate affordable titer testing thru Kansas State Veterinary Lab. Most vets, not only South Carolina vets who commonly misrepresent our statute which calls for vaccinations at a frequency to maintain continuous protection, push unsuspecting pet owners into blindly administered unnecessary vaccination overdoses.

For this reason, and because healthy lifestyle choices enable and support healthy immune systems required for all sentient beings to live out natural full quality lives, we are committed to educating vets and pet owners alike, what it means to practice responsible vaccination protocols, without compromising public safety.

Kittens are not administered a Pure Vax Rabies vaccination prior to reaching a minimum weight of 5 lbs. and this is administered separately from the time of their sterilization.  After their first rabies vaccination, we follow up with affordable titer testing through Kansas State Veterinary Lab, via the Protect the Pets website (www.Protectthepets.com)  three years after the first vaccination date, being there is no difference between the 1 and 3 year other than the number printed on the vaccine label. We continue to titer at 3-year intervals although we do not allow our senior cats to ever be vaccinated a second time after the age of 10.  Being indoor only cats, we give preference to adopters who will not consent to any further vaccinations, regardless of titer results.  And contrary to what most vets would like pet owners to believe, one rabies vaccination in many cases, provides lifetime protection, if not 7 – 10 years of continuous immunity by challenge.

Being vets never take a subsequent vaccination in the absence of being titer tested themselves, this clearly reveals that the health and their oath to “Do No Harm” is not their priority over financial gain.  It is highly hypocritical and morally unethical, that any should ever inflict this grossly irresponsible negligence, on anyone’s furry family member. And sadly, this is one of the major factors, contributing to the skyrocketing cancer rates in companion animals nationwide. Especially when it comes to small breed dogs; vaccinations are NOT dose appropriate by weight, so the 10 lbs. and even smaller breeds, are given the same dosage as their 110 lbs., counterparts, which accounts for their untimely deaths more frequently.

All sterilized cats who arrive to the Head Butt Hotel are automatically titer tested upon arrival, especially if veterinary records do not accompany them. We do NOT consent nor allow any vet to administer vaccines, according to what we refer to as the “Magic 8-Ball” methodology of calendar due dates, in the absence of laboratory bloodwork; NOR should any pet owner do so, in the absence of a titer.  Furthermore, vaccinations are NEVER to be administered to any unhealthy pet, that includes Fiv and Felv positive cats. They should be considered automatically EXEMPT. As part of our ongoing study here at the Head Butt Hotel, we maintain the same titer testing schedule for our Fiv + cats, although without ever vaccinating them subsequently. Vaccination disclaimer labels, state clearly, that they only to be administered to healthy animals, which release and absolve the manufacturers from liability, injury, illnesses, or death caused by the unnecessary overdoses regularly administered by vets in the absence of blood work (mal-practice).

Again, to be clear, it is against the law, for any veterinarian to vaccinate a pet, WITHOUT OWNER CONSENT. We expect the cats who leave our care, to have their health safe guarded no differently by their forever families, as we do here under our own roof. We invest great time emotionally and financially, treating each one as if they were our only pet, and we do not do this, for them to be placed in a situation which would endanger their welfare. Sadly, many times, these harsh lessons are only learned by pet owners, only after suffering the untimely losses of pets. Through education, advocacy, and support of the Protect the Pets Movement, we will continue our mission striving to create a healthier world for pets lucky enough to join knowledgeable and savvy Protect the Pets families.

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