The Head Butt Hotel, is a 501c3 Non Profit No- Kill organization, where every animal is treated as if they were our only pet. We are proud to be South Carolina's premier Protect the Pets rescue organization, mandating responsible vaccination protocols. Our only priority is to ensure the optimal health and wellness of our residents, to guarantee they live out their best lives ever, and to educate others to do the same!
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Birth date (approximately): 8/26/05
Arrival date: 9/9/15

Grannie, is a Gaston County AC survivor from Dallas, NC who joined us in Sept. 2015, after being side tracked from a longer distance transport heading to NY, given her health issues. She suffered a head trama at some point in her life, that left her blind in one eye and deaf, with occasional tremors or seizures. If that isn’t enough, she toothless with her dental work completed but was diagnosed last year with hyperthyroid disease. At some point in the not too far off future, she will require Radioactive iodine ablation to correct her thyroid issue which has also started to affect her heart necessitating a daily dose of Atenenol. Aside from all these physical issues, she is a lovely and confident senior, who fears nothing, and will eat us out of house and home with her voracious appetite and strong-willed personality; all wrapped up in such a tiny package we know as our Grannie.

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