The Head Butt Hotel, is a 501c3 Non Profit No- Kill organization, where every animal is treated as if they were our only pet. We are proud to be South Carolina's premier Protect the Pets rescue organization, mandating responsible vaccination protocols. Our only priority is to ensure the optimal health and wellness of our residents, to guarantee they live out their best lives ever, and to educate others to do the same!
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Birth date (approximately): 1/25/14
Arrival date: 6/22/17

Geoff arrived here from theGaston County AC in Dallas, NC, where he found himself on the euth list with aninjury that de-gloved his paw and resulted in a leg amputation. Betweenacclimating to life as a tripod, and suddenly finding himself being one ofmany, he’s had a bit of a tough time adjusting to life at the Head Butt Hotel.He reminds us daily, that he would prefer his own home and forever person,whose lap he can occupy all to himself, without the competition of housemates.He has no trouble getting around or climbing to the top of any cat climberwithout effort and seems to run with more dexterity than he does at his hopalong walking pace. Now that he’s had his dental work completed, he’s the perfect tv buddy, getting comfortable, purring up astorm, making himself look cute doing rollie pollie for belly rubs and makingbiscuits. Sun bathing is another one of his favorite activities.

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