The Head Butt Hotel, is a 501c3 Non Profit No- Kill organization, where every animal is treated as if they were our only pet. We are proud to be South Carolina's premier Protect the Pets rescue organization, mandating responsible vaccination protocols. Our only priority is to ensure the optimal health and wellness of our residents, to guarantee they live out their best lives ever, and to educate others to do the same!
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About Us

When our organization first received our nonprofit status in November 2014, the focus of our Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition mission, was to establish a national state to state network of responsible rescuers, and an infrastructure of management, to help save lives of shelter animals. Four years later, after establishing ourselves with 60+ shelters, unfortunately for the animals, our vision of “Helping People Help Animals” has not received the support from a man-power, nor financial standpoint to continue with this original undertaking, prompting our name change.

We are committed to continue out lifesaving efforts at our own in-house location, the Head Butt Hotel in North Myrtle Beach, SC, besides maintaining our PetSmart adoption facility on S. Blvd. Street in Charlotte, NC, and at our foster location for dogs at Comfort Creatures Ranch in Newville, Pa.

But more importantly our main objective has morphed into supporting the Protect the Pets Movement; educating pet owners, the general public, and most of the veterinary world, on the concept of responsible vaccination protocols and proper nutrition, while maintaining public safety. Sadly, the lack of veterinary morality to “Do No Harm” according to the oaths that vets take at the time of licensure, has taken a back seat to financial gain. The reality is that most of the unsuspecting community of pet owners, are unknowingly allowing vets to unnecessarily overdose and vaccinate pets blindly, enabling, perpetuating, and contributing to the 50% and rising cancer rates of companion animals nationwide.

Please do your due diligence to Protect the Pets, educate yourselves properly on both nutrition and on the concept of “responsible vaccination protocols”. We will continue to do our part to save and enhance the quality of companion animal’s lives, while educating and helping individuals, and other organizations and rescues, to do the same.


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